Comment on ‘Wild-type APC

Comment on ‘Wild-type APC prediction of poor prognosis in microsatellite-stable proximal colorectal cancer differs according to the age of onset’

Taking as the starting point the work by Jorissen et al (2015), we have analysed the same aspects, but applying an age of onset criterion, and compared a total of 56 cases of EOCRC with other 87 LOCRC cases.

The methods used to analyze the microsatellite instability status, CpG islands methylator phenotype (CIMP), chromosomal instability by array comparative genomic hybridisation, as well as the clinico-pathological variables described, have been published before (Perea et al, 2014; Arriba et al, 2015). APC mutation status, as well as the other genes described by Jorissen et al (2015), have been analysed by next-generation sequencing.

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